To pay for a team or teams, you must have already submitted enrollment information to MOEMS. If you have not yet done so, click HERE , and then return here to make the payment.

Division E Early Bird Enrollment Fee (USA ZIP Codes only)

Division E Early Bird Enrollment Fee (USA ZIP Codes only)

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Code: 4012
Price: $109.00
Quantity in Basket: None

Due to COVID19
is in effect through August 31, 2020
USA Zip Codes only (International teams must pay using mail, fax, or email)

In order to make a payment for an enrollment, you MUST first apply for enrollment at the MOEMS® website <click HERE>.

Once you have completed that process and submitted your enrollment information, you may pay the enrollment fee here.

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  1. SCHOOL NAME & ID (if known),
  2. PICO (i.e. coach) name,
  3. DATE enrollment information submitted to MOEMS and method: "E"mail, "F"ax, "M"ail (e.g. "5/1/20 E" indicates the form was submitted on May 1 by email)



SCHOOL NAME (same as Application form) & Team ID (if knows):
PICO (i.e. coach) Name (same as Application form):
OL# from Online Application /OR/ DATE application submitted and "E"mail, "F"ax, or "M"ail: